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Complete Machine Shop: Valve Repair or Valve Remanufacturing such as Trim changes, Bonnet Extensions, Valve Automation, Mechanical Operators, Gear Boxes, Etc. In-house modifications available on any valves. Control Valve Repair: Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic positioners. Manual Valve Repair: Gates globes, angels, check, knifegates, plugs and balls.

Reconditioned & Remanufacting Valves All Types & Brands:

    Flooring Damage Remodels
  • Globe & Gate Valves
  • Swing Checks
  • Butterfly Valves, Sliding Gates
  • Gates - Rising Stem & Non Rising Stem
  • Ball Valves - Lubricated, Non Lubricated & Jacketed
  • Plug Valves, Knife Gates, Pressure Seals,
    Pressure Vacuum
  • General Twin Seals, Shand & Jurs
  • Orbit Valves
  • Valves - Lined, Rubber, Plastic, Teflon, Etc.

Specializing in the Following:

150# - 6000# Valves.

Safety, Safety Relief, ERL High Velocity Valves & Pres-Vacs.

Inhouse Valves & Machine Shop Services

Welding Services - All & Any Metals

Mig, Stick, Tig, Flux Core

Valve Check Testing Services with Test Reports, Hydro H2O & Nitrogen Testing, Buttweld & Flanged Valves from 1/2" to 42".

New Surplus & Reconditioned Valve Sales

Over 600 on hand Valves for Sale, Your Louisiana Valve Source for industrial, New Valves, Remanufactured Valves; Forged Steel, WCB, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Monel, Chrome, Bronze, Etc.